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@halloloes Loes van Iperen analog selfie

Loes van Iperen // b. 1990 // Amsterdam, The Netherlands // Hong Kong


Editor, Writer & Self-taught Analogue Photographer

I have been selected by GUP NEW as one of the 100 best emerging Dutch Photography Talents of 2021.


I'm a (vicariously) nostalgic person, which I think shows in my photos: classic movies, old record covers and magazines, the history and stories of places, and personal memories inspire my work. Bright colours, moody scenes and mundane, fun details are recurring themes in my pictures. All of my photos are shot on different kinds of 35mm film, from expired Kodak and Fujifilm to Cinestill and Lomography film.  



When I'm not taking photos, I'm writing, editing and managing social media channels for NGOs and projects related to arts and culture.



Currently, I'm working on Berlage di Nusantara as a co-editor, writer and social media manager.

This ambitious project is dedicated to bringing an important, evocative and unjustly obscure 100-year-old travel journal—Mijn Indische Reis (My Indonesian Journey)—penned by renowned Dutch architect H.P. Berlage to life in the 21st century. 


On February 28, 1923, Berlage boards a steamer to Indonesia. Three months later, he comes home a changed man: completely fascinated, bewildered, and in love with a country he'll never see again. He bundles his experiences, observations and thoughts—as well as stunning sketches and even poems—in a 147-page travel journal. 


We, a team of heritage enthusiasts, are currently repackaging the journal into a modern trilingual edition (Dutch, Indonesian and English) and sharing our journey in doing so—as well as drip-feed snippets of Berlage's Indonesian adventure and trivia—on social media via #BerlageDiNusantara. 

We will then use the new edition of Mijn Indische Reis to start a conversation with today's creative influencers and changemakers.


Berlage's journal is a joy to read and, at the same time, a valuable contribution to the current debate on shared heritage, architecture, decolonisation, cultural identity and diversity in Indonesia and The Netherlands.


CLICK HERE to find out more about this wonderful project! 




I also put together Invisible, a street photography book consisting of captivating and intimate black-and-white pictures taken by photographer Ka-Ho Pang in Amsterdam and Hong Kong.



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